We are proud to have our neighborhood so prominently and frequently represented by the production and film arts world.

Location & Filming Managers, click here.

The Oak Knoll Neighborhood Association would like to thank the following production companies for their generous support to our organization and their devoted efforts to be good neighbors during their location shoots. 

  • ABC Studios

  • MGM Television

  • Autonomy Productions/Westworld

  • The Reserve

  • Warner Brothers Television

  • 20th Century Fox Television

  • Bonanza Productions. Inc.

  • Bounty Content

  • CBS Productions

  • Disney Studios

  • FTP Productions

  • Haskell Productions

  • Identity Media, Inc.

  • JAX Media


  • L Plummer Media

  • Lionsgate Productions

  • LRH Productions

  • MFV Productions / Universal Studios

  • NZK Productions

  • Pacific 2.1 Entertainment Group, Inc.

  • Park Pictures

  • Rick Poyner Locations / ABC Studios

  • U.R.O.K. Productions