Here is information to help you solve the problem of unwanted coyotes around your home. Along with these four flyers there is a short video that recaps the hazing information and is quite entertaining. Click here for the How to Haze a Coyote video.

The city of Pasadena is creating an urban wildlife plan. A very important part of this is data from the community. Wherever you go in Pasadena, please alert the city to wildlife sightings and especially coyote sightings. This will help the city build a robust wildlife plan that accurately addresses what is happening in our city. With citizen data, the city will learn where coyotes are found and the frequency. The easiest way alert the city is through the Pasadena Citizen Service Center app. Search for "Pasadena CS" in the app store. Besides wildlife, the app can be used to notify the city about much more such as, graffiti, tree issues, street lighting, and sidewalk issues. To notify the city about wildlife you see, go to Service Requests, then Animals, and then Wildlife Sighting/Nuisance Report. See screenshots below..